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the acai affect

A health focused superfood bar in the heart of Bentleigh. We provide an uncomplicated, nutritious and sustainable ‘fast food’ alternative for the every day person.

We endeavour to provide nutrient rich food that is quick and easily accessible. Just like functional training, our functional food will increase the ease of everyday life.

We endeavour to provide nutrient rich food that is quick and easily accessible


we can lead a more mindful life

what is acai?

Found on acai palm trees in South American rainforests, acai berries are a lot like grapes.

Packed with vitamins and other nutrients, this superfood is only about 70 calories a cup.



that help build your immune system



to keep you full longer and your blood sugar steady



to help your bones, heart, muscles and nerves stay strong and healthy


heart disease

eating a diet rich in fruit and veggies can help prevent heart disease

anti inflam.png


found to have anti-inflammatory effect

weight loss.png

weight loss

munching on lots of fruit & veggies can help you lose weight

small steps lead to a larger change

benefits of acai

One of the highest antioxidant levels of any fruit

Great source of fibre which aids digestion

Naturally high in essential fatty acids which assist with heart health

Contains amino acids which boost energy levels, promote muscle performance, endurance and strength

Contains Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, zinc & copper among others​

We aim to provide the highest quality produce, locally sourced and organic where possible

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